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Carolina Cool technicial smiling and working in foreground, Carolina Cool Van in background



LCI Lineberger Construction Inc.


Lancaster, SC



Apprenticed Occupation:

Diesel Mechanic

Education Provider:

York Technical College

Founded in 1995 by Kim Lineberger, LCI Lineberger Construction Inc. specializes in a wide range of services from building highways to commercial site preparation, erosion control, reclamation, grading, paving, utility installation and trucking for public and private clients alike.

Benjamin (Luke) Eason, came LCI in his junior year of high school as a part-time employee already engaged in his school’s automotive repair curriculum. He wanted to further his knowledge and skills by learning from their team of Diesel Mechanics while also earning a paycheck. As Luke merged his high school education with on-the-job training, the company quickly realized the benefits in establishing an apprenticeship program. With the support of Apprenticeship Carolina and York Technical College, the company was able to redesign and customize Luke’s apprenticeship beyond the high school level. Luke is now continuing his on-the-job training with LCI while working toward an Associates Degree from York Technical College. He will complete his apprenticeship as a highly qualified Diesel Mechanic and LCI-Lineberger Construction Inc. will have an exemplary employee with all the right skills. 

Luke Eason, Apprentice
"I have always been interested in trucks and heavy equipment even though I didn’t have a lot of hands-on experience. LCI has given me the chance to work around gas and diesel pickup trucks, Mack trucks, and heavy equipment. Since joining them, I have been learning from the mechanics who work on all the different types of heavy equipment. 

With the help of my instructors and the team at LCI, I have learned a lot and I will continue to learn the skills that put me leaps and bounds ahead of others.  I am really excited for what my future holds because of the opportunity that LCI has given to me.  I am proud to be part of LCI and I hope that the opportunity given to me will be passed on to others."