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Apprentice Success Stories

Landon Hamilton working at a machine wearing a black Arthrex shirt

Landon Hamilton, Arthrex

[Apprenticeship] gives you the chance to prove yourself to a great company and to obtain full-time employment and the sense of security that comes with that.
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Tonda Westbury standing in front of glass window of the Dorchest County Government Office

Tonda Westbury,
Chief Deputy Clerk of Court, Dorchester County Government

Make the investment in yourself; it is so worth it! I now have an associate degree paid for by Dorchester County and am able to give that investment back to the organization. It’s a benefit for me personally and for my employer.
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Karson King wearing a baseball cap and dark blue MTU shirt standing in front of red wall and American flag

Karson King, MTU

I started as an apprentice in high school, and it blows my mind how far I've made it now. I own a house. I've got a super nice boat, an associate degree and a bachelor's degree by the age of 22.
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