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Carolina Cool technicial smiling and working in foreground, Carolina Cool Van in background



Landon Hamilton


Arthrex Manufacturing Inc.


Pendleton, SC

Apprenticeship Progam:

Youth Machine Operator (completed) CNC Operator (currently enrolled)

Education Providers:

Daniel High School and Tri-County Technical College


Job Overview:

The primary objective for all CNC Operators is to produce superior products following Arthrex Manufacturing Inc. machining processes and procedures. As part of the CNC Operator Apprenticeship Programs (both youth and adult), apprentices are trained on the set up and running a variety of CNC machines and special processes. This includes verifying that the machines are running the correct programs, reviewing work orders and verifying that the components are correct, data entry, record keeping, blueprint reading, and so much more. Apprentices work directly with experienced CNC Operators as they learn the key elements of this job and how to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. At the end of the day, attention to detail, teamwork, and quality are all vital elements of the CNC Operator role at Arthrex Manufacturing Inc.

Apprenticeship Program Experience:

The Arthrex Manufacturing Inc. South Carolina (AMISC) Apprenticeship Program was created for students to have a worked-based immersion experience at Arthrex while simultaneously earning college credit. Apprentices in the CNC Operator Apprenticeship are able to train as CNC machine operators while they are enrolled in the CNC courses at Tri-County Technical College. These technical machinists run state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines making medical implantable devices. 

Landon began his apprenticeship journey with Arthrex almost two years ago as a youth apprentice. In the Youth Machine Operator Apprenticeship, he was finishing his high school education at Daniel High School, while also attending Pickens County Career and Technology Center. After graduating from high school and completing his youth apprenticeship, Landon was able to begin the adult CNC Operator Apprenticeship and began classes at Tri-County Technical College as a CNC Programming Operations student.


Upon completion of an apprenticeship program at Arthrex Manufacturing Inc., apprentices have the opportunity for full-time employment. With the knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities that apprentices are given access to, these apprenticeships give students a step up as they are beginning their career journey. The financial benefits of being able to work a paid job while finishing high school and/or pursuing a degree at Tri-County Technical College are yet another way that apprentices are able to get ahead in their career and overall lifestyle goals.

Advice to Someone Considering Apprenticeship

"Being in an apprenticeship program helps you to apply the real-life experience that you are gaining in the classroom and really helps you build your resume. It also gives you the chance to prove yourself to a great company and to obtain full-time employment and the sense of security that comes with that. The apprenticeship has also provided a lot of community and networking experience for me. I have the opportunity to work alongside men and women with 20+ years of industry experience and learn from them every day. The financial incentives are also nice for young students. Overall, my favorite part of working as an apprentice at Arthrex has been getting a foot in the door and then having so many more opportunities open up for me."  - Landon Hamilton