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SCRHA3 Property Maintenance Technician, Anthony Blyther, working on a light switch, the SCRHA3 logo, Anthony Blyther standing in front of a white van



South Carolina Regional Housing Authority #3


Barnwell, SC


Social Assistance

Apprenticed Occupation:

Property Maintenance Technician

Education Providers:

Denmark Technical College and South Carolina Regional Housing Authority #3

South Carolina Regional Housing Authority #3 (SCRHA3) has established a pre-apprenticeship for Property Maintenance Technician with the goal of providing opportunities to assist the residents they serve.

SCRHA3 also has established a Property Maintenance Technician apprenticeship for their organization.

The beauty of the apprenticeship pipeline was on full display this year when both a pre-apprentice and employer were able to help each other. Anthony Blyther was enrolled as a pre-apprentice when a need for assistance within the SCRHA3 maintenance department arose. With the preparation Anthony was receiving as a pre-apprentice he was able to help provide assistance to the SCRHA3 maintenance department. Since then, Anthony has been hired by the SCRHA3 into a temporary full-time role with the maintenance department. Anthony is slated to soon start in the SCRHA3 apprenticeship program as Property Maintenance Technician. As a part of the program, he will be taking classes through Denmark Technical College.

Anthony Blyther
"I have really enjoyed the training program. They have made me feel comfortable and the information that I have gained from it has benefited me a whole lot. I recommend the training program to everyone. They're great people and mentors and I'm still learning. I have a lot of respect for them. Again, wholeheartedly to the top of the highest tree in the tallest mountain I recommend this training program to everyone."