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Meet Aisha Montgomery

Aisha Montgomery is an Apprenticeship Consultant serving companies within the counties of Piedmont Technical College and Spartanburg Community College.

Aisha has worked in education in some capacity for the last 14 years. She began her career with Charleston County School District as a bookkeeper for a primary school. Upon receiving her undergraduate degree in Business Management via the PACE program, she became a Secondary Business Education teacher certified in Business, Marketing and Computer Technology. During her tenure as a Business Education teacher, Aisha went back to school and obtained an MBA in Public Administration. In October 2021, she began working as a Career Coach for a local charter school and became a certified Global Career Development Facilitator with demonstrated skills in the development and implementation of effective ways to promote career services to the unengaged.

Aisha is a native Charlestonian and a mother of 3 adults (30, 27, 25). She loves sports (GOOOO Broncos & Celtics), traveling, trying new restaurants, thrifting, and attending festivals. Having recently relocated to Spartanburg, Aisha says that it has been a great experience with Spartanburg being laid back, friendly and community oriented. She loves its proximity to cities that she enjoys visiting without the feeling of overcrowding. Aisha sees herself growing with the SC Technical College System, eventually moving up the ranks and securing a managerial position.


What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

Dependable, Intentional, Honest


Please tell us about your job.

I love that as an Apprenticeship Consultant, I am instrumental in helping not only businesses secure a valuable workforce, but I also help with the growth of the local economy.


What drew you to apprenticeship?

In previous roles, as both a classroom teacher and career coach, I saw first-hand the need for apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship Consultant job fascinated me because up until applying for the position, I was unaware of the many perks available to businesses simply by partnering with Apprenticeship Carolina. I now tell any business owner that I encounter about the intricacies of Apprenticeship Carolina and the registered apprenticeship program.


What is something that you enjoy or appreciate the most about being an apprenticeship consultant?

I love the flexibility of the position, being able to go into the community meeting people and speaking with business leaders.