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King Asphalt apprentices

On May 10, 2019, King Asphalt, Inc. held its first Signing Day for youth apprentices at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center. Four students from local high schools were selected following interviews to participate in a summer paid apprenticeship to discover available careers in the asphalt industry.  

The program is designed with the student in mind. Apprentices are advancing from department to department, module to module, learning the foundations and details of our business before entering construction sites.  Modules include the following departments: Human Resources, Safety, Asphalt Plants, Quality Control Laboratory, Accounting – Payables and Receiving, Estimating, Project Management and Maintenance.

King Asphalt’s goal is for students to gain a solid working knowledge of the asphalt industry and the impact they can have on their local community and state. After completing the apprenticeship program, the company hopes students are excited to begin their career without a large amount of student debt.  

King Asphalt, Inc. is excited to have Chloe Wilson, Chris Auston, Trevor Collins, and Austin Burkhart join the King Asphalt, Inc. family. 

King Asphalt also has an adult apprenticeship program where Tri-County Technical college has served as the education provider.

Chloe Wilson  

Chloe Wilson, General Asphalt Apprentice


Chloe Wilson, General Asphalt Apprentice

My apprenticeship at King Asphalt, Inc. (hereinafter King) has been very successful. I would say it has definitely been a learning process for everyone involved but still such a great experience. I have grown a lot since I first started at King. In the beginning, I was nervous about being the best I could be for this company and the people I would work with. I was also unsure of how the entire process would work.  However, I was very excited to gain as much knowledge as I possible could. Everyone I have worked with and learned from at King has taught me so much. They have all been very willing to teach me and go the extra mile to help me understand. I believe I am truly blessed to have an apprenticeship here, and I believe it is an amazing opportunity. Not only has this process been successful for me now, but it will continue to help me be successful in the future.