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seven apprentices in blue shirts of various ages and ethnicities

November 2023 is SC Apprenticeship Month celebrating over 2,786 active occupations and more than 47,079 total apprentices since 2008!


Three CECA apprentices practicing on electronic components while an instructor looks on

Charleston Electrical Contractors Association (CECA)

CECA is a nonprofit group of local electrical contractors that come together with a common goal, to improve the Electrical Industry, through our meetings, educational classes and seminars. We are addressing the need for the shortage of electricians in the local area.

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SCADT Apprentice standing behind the tool box and tools received through the scholarship

South Carolina Automotive Dealers Association

The program is designed to bridge the gap between Auto Tech candidates and their careers in the automotive industry. Providing scholarships, direct Dealership job placement and no-cost, comprehensive tool sets, we’ve placed 48 Auto Tech apprentices in careers to date.

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Woman holding an iPad speaking with an older white gentleman in a supply closet with many small blue holding bins

Clemson University Facilities

The apprenticeship program has allowed us to tap into an applicant pool that otherwise would have been passed over. [It] has also resulted in greater interest in posted roles, as well as higher retention rates for employees who have finished their apprenticeships.

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Founders Group International apprentices holding their apprenticeship certificates in from othe their office building

Founders Group International

FGI currently has 12 employees in our apprenticeship programs. We are excited about developing a pipeline of employees who are ready and eager to grow within our company. We have already promoted over half of these employees to higher positions within our company.

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Michele Heyward, Founder PositiveHire sitting in front of a laptop


PositiveHire looks forward to utilizing its registered apprenticeship program to continue advancing the careers of underrepresented women in STEM professions while also positively impacting the diversity and inclusion of employers who embrace the exceptional leadership skills of those women. 

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Gentleman with back facing camera and ReWa Values written on his blue tshirt

Renewable Water Resources (ReWa)

Our apprentices are exposed to career pathways and not just a job. The hands-on experience apprentices receive and the mentorship provided supports ReWa’s efforts to build a sustainable workforce and resilient community.

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Edwin Hernandez (Youth Cybersecurity Analyst), Ashley Felton (Owner), Shekela Patterson (Cybersecurity Analyst)

Tech NIC Ally

The cybersecurity apprenticeship program is a game-changer for South Carolina’s workforce, equipping individuals with the skills needed to combat the growing threats in the digital landscape. By investing in cybersecurity skills, we are ensuring that our workforce is prepared to protect our state’s critical infrastructure and sensitive data from cyber-attacks.

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Group of black female educators sitting at a table in a multipurpose room in discussion with each other

Williamsburg County School District (WCSD)

Williamsburg County is creating an atmosphere of high-paying professions that bring about pride and self-worth. Since the program’s inception, the phones have been ringing off the hook with persons wanting to participate in the program.

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EMT apprentices in uniform outside of a building around a stretcher

Guardian Ambulance

Florence-Darlington Technical College's exceptional EMT apprenticeship program has achieved remarkable success, notably boasting a 100% pass rate on the NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) exam for their last graduating class, on their very first attempt.

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Shutterfly male apprentice working on a machine with three other people looking on


This program is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning and career development, ensuring a brighter future for our employees and the company. Upon completing the apprenticeship, our Machine Operator Specialists are equipped to excel in roles that require them to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot our advanced machinery.

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Four black female CHWs holding a certificate of compettion

SC State University

After receiving this training, Minority Community Health Workers are better prepared to enhance the health of their friends, family, and community. The University's mission supports and aligns perfectly with this project, which states that "the University prepares highly skilled, competent, and socially aware graduates to enable them to work and live productively in a dynamic, global society."

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Group of five male GE Vernova employees, three of which are newly certified apprentices holding their certification credentials and a plaque

GE Vernova

Apprentices [in the GE Vernova Gas Turbine Machinist Apprenticeship Program] earn a 2-year degree in Machine Tool Technology and apply their learnings in the shop. Not only do they learn about machining, but they are also exposed to a wide variety of processes including assembly, 3D Printing, CAD/CAM, and inspection.

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