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November 2021 is SC Apprenticeship Month and apprenticeship in SC continues to grow - over 1,177 companies participating and more than 36,940 total apprentices statewide!

Stay tuned for spotlights on our latest registered apprenticeship programs!


Arthrex sign


“We need that pipeline of talent to help us be successful. These programs gave us just that.”

- Chris Johansen, Operations Director, Arthrex

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Teddy Thompson Apprentice

Palmetto Dunes OceanFront Resort

“You are able to teach the younger generation the knowledge of the business and they can decide if it's for them or not for them. It's great for them to get their feet wet and decide for themselves.”

- Chef Charles Pejeau, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

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Barnwell County Career Center

School District 29

"Our goal of sustainability is to match qualified individuals with careers that they may gain education, work experience and profit during this experience. We want to support local industries to enhance our economy and cultivate qualified employees for those businesses."

- Audrey Grimball, Global Career Development Facilitator

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AINautics Drone Operator


“Serving as an Apprentice Provider has been a great opportunity for AINautics. Having the ability to train the next generation of drone pilots and engineers has resulted in creating new opportunities and partnerships. We are excited what the future holds with these certified pilots. They will change how the industry transition with smart jobs.”

- Christopher Williams, Director of Partnership Development, AINautics

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York Tech Utility Line Worker Program

Utility Line Worker Program

“York Technical College is incredibly grateful for our utility industry partners that have been instrumental in the development and expansion of our Utility Line Worker program and pre-apprenticeship opportunities."

- Sonia M. Young, Assistant Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development, York Technical College

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Palmetto Synthetics Apprentice ahd Mentor

Palmetto Synthetics

"This is a big deal and it is proof that we can provide opportunities for young people that are interested in joining the workforce right out of school. We think it's awesome to see a community working together: teachers and counselors and everybody coming on board to try to work out our local needs.”

- Fred Morris, Palmetto Synthetics Training Manager/Mentor

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Prisma health logo

Prisma Health

Prisma Health is excited to continue our partnership to create future health professionals to serve the community and South Carolina. We believe that to be successful in this important effort that we must work collaboratively with our partners. Our goal is to ignite young people to consider health care as the premier career pathway.

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Draexlemaier apprentice

Vital Care EMS

“We view the apprenticeship as a place for someone to explore a potential vocation and maximize their learning along the way. Everything during the apprenticeship should expose the apprentice to the way we do our job and give them the experience to grow their skills. This involves technical skills as well as non-technical skills that are so vital to doing well in our industry."

- Rick Kaczenski, VP of Administration

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Palmetto Synthetics Apprentice ahd Mentor

Volvo Apprentice
Omar Mamani

Omar Mamani is the first to multicraft maintenance apprentice to graduate from Volvo's registered apprenticeship program which began in 2019.

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Palmetto Synthetics Apprentice ahd Mentor

Hilton-Charleston Harbor, Embassy Suites

"The apprenticeship program not only benefits the apprentice but the company as well by increasing productivity, loyalty and reliability. We are incredibly grateful to have this continued partnership with Trident Technical College and the apprenticeship program.”

-Kery Dysart, Regional Recruiter

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