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Greenfield Industries




Pendleton, SC


Medical Device Manufacturing

Apprenticed Occupation:

CNC Operator for both Adult and Youth Apprentices

Description of Education:

CNC technical career pathway certificate program for dual enrollment students at Tri-County Technical College, CNC associates degree program at Tri-County Technical College, CNC certificate program through the four CTE centers


Arthrex has been a leader in the upstate in establishing robust CNC apprenticeship programs for both youth and adults. The program was started during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Currently, they have 3 adult apprentices and 2 youth and are focused on increasing participation as the pandemic winds down.

Ty Schronce, Youth Apprentice and recent graduate from Belton-Honea Path High School.
"My manufacturing teacher saw that I really enjoyed doing CNC work. He pointed me in the direction of Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator Heather Helble. She helped me with the interview processes. She's the reason why I have my apprenticeship at Arthrex. I would tell anyone to absolutely go for it. Apprenticeship Carolina will help you with everything.
It's a fantastic thing to do and you make some money while going to school! I’m having a blast. I look forward to going to work every day."

Riley Sharrock, Youth Apprentice and recent graduate from Easley High School.
"My apprenticeship has really helped me grasp the idea of manufacturing. I’ve gone from not knowing how to run a CNC machine at all, to being able to run a Swiss lathe by myself. It's also helped me grasp the idea of measuring parts more efficiently and the processes that go into it. I want to stick with Arthrex. There are a lot of opportunities to better my career and they value education. I definitely see myself trying to move up in the ranks at Arthrex."

Landon Hamilton, Youth Apprentice and senior at Daniel High School. Completed the CNC program at Pickens CTE center and is taking additional classes at Tri-County Technical College in CNC.
On balancing school work and college: "Learning to manage your time is important. As long as you get a good balance of school and work or high school and college it is not bad. Having work in the morning and having class in the afternoon it's much easier to manage and a little bit less stressful. It keeps me more entertained than if I was just in one place all day long."

Austin Shingleton, Youth Apprentice, senior at T.L. Hannah High School, and a participant of the CNC Technical Career Pathway for dual enrollment students at Tri-County Technical College.
"The apprenticeship programs help put experience behind everything so that if you decide to go to another job at least you have qualifications in certain aspects of that job which they will hire you for . Arthrex has guided me so much in figuring out how to do financial things, set my goals straight and how to achieve things in life. I see myself in five years with a decent sized house living somewhere in the country."