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Greenfield Industries



Barnwell County School District 29 (aka Williston School District)


Williston, SC


Information Technology

Youth Apprenticed Occupation:

IT Specialist

Description of Education:

Barnwell County Career Center and Denmark Technical College


"As a computer technician, you must be well versed in computer systems. You must be able to install, maintain and repair computers and help with the network as needed. Your responsibilities are to ensure that adequate IT infrastructure is working and is used to its maximum capabilities. The youth apprentice will be able to work diligently and accurately and possess great problem-solving abilities in order to fix issues and ensure functionality.

Dr. Shaw, Joni McDaniel of SC Dept of Commerce, Terry Roy, Dr. Adams, Cathy Smith and myself worked together with Kirsten Pratt of Apprenticeship Carolina to find the needs of our district that worked within the program and then created our own vision to mold a sustainable opportunity.

We chose Omarion because he interviewed with confidence and professionalism, he has the passion to help us move our technology program forward and the intelligence to problem solve with creativity and resilience. He is a bright young man that we believe will benefit from the commitment of the program and use the opportunity to flourish and support our District for years to come.

The Apprenticeship Carolina program lasts 2 years and he will work directly with our District Technology Coordinator to handle and troubleshoot within the IT department. Our goal of sustainability is to match qualified individuals with careers that they may gain education, work experience and profit during this experience. We want to support local industries to enhance our economy and cultivate qualified employees for those businesses."

- Audrey Grimball, Williston-Elko High School Global Career Development Facilitator