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Carolina Cool technicial smiling and working in foreground, Carolina Cool Van in background





Spartanburg, SC


Smart Infrastructure

Apprenticed Occupations:

Maintenance/Mechatronics and Tool & Dye

Education Provider:

Spartanburg Community College

When our apprentices complete the program, they are successful from their first day on the job. They’re already acclimated to the company, our processes and equipment. We have strategically developed them in a manner that molds them into the Siemens business model. Typically, college graduates have little to no experience, in the field, while apprentices finish with not only a degree but also 2 – 3 years of experience. A new employee hire can take up to 6 months before they are able to complete and fulfil the needs of the job efficiently. Another major bonus is that apprentices not only receive certification they are also federally recognized journeyman’s.

We have had three successful apprentices, two within the Maintenance field and one in Tool & Dye. We are proud to say we currently have a 100% retention rate with all three. 

Brian Ludwiczak, Maintenance and Special Projects Manager
“The apprenticeship program creates a clear roadmap to success, because it provides them with a career development plan with milestones and specifics on what they need to do to reach that success.”