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Three panes: left, male apprentice working up on a ladder in the ceiling tile; middle panel, Woman holding an iPad speaking with an older white gentleman in a supply closet with many small blue holding bins; last panel, male apprentice using a chop saw wearing proper PPE



Clemson University Facilities


Clemson, SC


Skilled Trades/Education

Apprenticed Occupations:

High Voltage Electrical Apprentice; Maintenance Electrical Apprentice; Building and Grounds Specialist II; Plumber; Life Safety Apprentice; HVAC Apprentice; Multiskilled Tradesworker; Landscape Specialist; Masonry Associate; Sheet Metal Associate; Welding Associate; Paint Associate; Carpentry Associate; Insulator Associate; Signage Associate; Arborist; General Landscaper; Turf Specialist; Irrigation Specialist; Horticulture Specialist; Material Coordinator; Locksmith; Multi-Skilled Worker.

Education Provider:

Employer-provided and Tri-County Technical College

Clemson University, through its Facilities Department, has experienced tremendous growth in the scope and success of their apprenticeship program over the past few years. With over 50 active apprentices, and a total of 23 apprenticeship occupations, ranging from HVAC, plumbing, high-voltage electrician, and horticulture, these apprenticeships provide a robust framework for recruiting and training.

The advantages of utilizing high-tech training through both internal sources and courses offered through Tri-County Technical College, enables apprentices to support the historic university’s on-site infrastructure as well as their newest innovations and technology. The apprenticeship program has also resulted in greater interest in posted roles, as well as higher retention rates for employees who have finished their apprenticeships.

John Chorozak, Training Coordinator, Clemson University Facilities

The apprenticeship program has allowed us to tap into an applicant pool that otherwise would have been passed over. We also have six of our apprentices that transitioned into the trades from non-trade areas of Facilities. All six have been successful in their new positions.