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Six headshots of minority women





Denmark, SC


HR Software

Apprenticed Occupations:

Technical Recruiter, Junior Product Manager, Senior B2B SaaS Marketer

Education Provider:


PositiveHire is a social impact company which connects Latina, Black, and Indigenous women who are experienced scientists, technologists, engineers, and data professionals (STEM) into management positions using proprietary software. PositiveHire helps employers retain their underrepresented talent by analyzing their HR or people data to help develop and implement Diversity, Equity & inclusion (DEI) strategies and trainings. In addition, PositiveHire develops Leadership and Professional Development Trainings. These trainings are created and taught through a DEI lens.

Michele Heyward, Founder, PositiveHire

PositiveHire looks forward to utilizing its registered apprenticeship program to continue advancing the careers of underrepresented women in STEM professions while also positively impacting the diversity and inclusion of employers who embrace the exceptional leadership skills of those women.