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Four black female apprentices holding a certificate of completion



SC State University


Orangeburg, SC



Apprenticed Occupation:

Community Health Worker

Education Provider:

SC State University

SC State University has established a Community Health Worker Training Program to recruit, train, and enable the next generation of Minority Community Health Workers (CHWs) to address health disparities and improve health equity for African Americans living in rural South Carolina communities. This is a three-year funded grant program through the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). The primary goal is to diversify the public health workforce to effectively communicate health information to African American living in rural counties along the I-95 Corridor. Participants will be trained to perform in various health-related and outreach settings, such as academia, community organizations, clinics, etc. These individuals will also acquire CHW Core Competency Training that follows state and local guidelines to support public health services. If selected, there is no cost to participants. Apprentices currently work in the SCSU Health Equity Research and Training Center.

Dr. Ashley Evans Knowell, Co-Director, SCSU Healthy Equity Research and Training Center, SC State University

After receiving this training, CHWs are better prepared to enhance the health of their friends, family, and community. The University's mission supports and aligns perfectly with this project, which states that "the University prepares highly skilled, competent, and socially aware graduates to enable them to work and live productively in a dynamic, global society." The University enhances citizens' quality of life through technology and traditional teaching and learning methods, research, and service. It contributes to the economic development of the state and nation.