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Three images: left two male apprentices in a white room writing on a white board and flip chart; middle: group of apprentices and their instructors in front of York Tech and Apprenticeship Carolina signs; right: Shutterfly male apprentice working on a machine with three other people looking on





Fort Mill, SC


Digital Printing

Apprenticed Occupation:

Machine Operator Specialist

Education Provider:

York Technical College

Shutterfly Operations Apprenticeship Roadmap (SOAR) was developed to create growth opportunities for our Manufacturing teams. After months of preparation, interviews, and selection, the two-year program officially launched in January 2023 with 3 stellar Apprentices. The program entails 4,000 cumulative hours of both classroom and on-the-job training. Partnering with York Technical College, Shutterfly Apprentices will receive classroom training that provides them with the foundations for success in the new roles. In addition to classroom training, the Apprentices will participate in a mentorship program with two top tier leaders each bringing a unique set of skills to mold the Apprentices throughout their journey. After graduating the two-year program, these Apprentice’s will have earned 40 JRE Credit hours as well as the title of one of the most advanced Machine Operators in Shutterfly, the Machine Operator Specialist. These Specialists will have the ability to offer a wealth of knowledge to help grow others in one of the most robust digital print facilities in the world!

Angel Huertas, SOAR Mentor and Director of Process Innovation, Shutterfly

Our apprenticeship program at Shutterfly not only fosters the growth of our workforce but also empowers our employees to evolve into skilled Machine Operator Specialists. By partnering with York Technical College, we're investing in the future of our organization and our apprentices, bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and on-the-job expertise. This program is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning and career development, ensuring a brighter future for our employees and the company. Upon completing the apprenticeship, our Machine Operator Specialists are equipped to excel in roles that require them to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot our advanced machinery. They can seamlessly oversee production processes, ensure product quality, manage equipment maintenance, and support innovation in our manufacturing operations.