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Edwin Hernandez (Youth Cybersecurity Analyst), Photo left to right: Zion Felton (Youth IT Specialist), Edwin Hernandez (Youth Cybersecurity Analyst), Ashley Felton (Owner), Shekela Patterson (Cybersecurity Analyst), Tarik Harley (Cybersecurity Analyst).



Tech NIC Ally


Aiken, SC


Information Technology

Apprenticed Occupations:

Information Technology Specialist, Youth Information Technology Specialist, Cybersecurity Analyst, Youth Cybersecurity Analyst

Education Providers:

Tech NIC Ally, System ATECH

Tech NIC Ally came to Apprenticeship Carolina ready to create a strong training program for youth and adults in the Aiken region to have an onramp into the Information Technology industry and enhance their employability while simultaneously meeting the demand for a pipeline of skilled IT and cybersecurity professionals.

Ashley Felton, Owner, Tech NIC Ally

The cybersecurity apprenticeship program is a game-changer for South Carolina’s workforce, equipping individuals with the skills needed to combat the growing threats in the digital landscape. By investing in cybersecurity skills, we are ensuring that our workforce is prepared to protect our state’s critical infrastructure and sensitive data from cyber-attacks.